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Aseishigawa Dam

Location Suginosawa-2 Itadome, Kuroishi 〒036-0404
TEL 0172-54-8782
FAX 0172-54-8785
URL http://www.thr.mlit.go.jp/aseishi/
Parking Available
Events Dam Lake Festival Day
Access ◆For visitors coming by car
・It takes 15 minutes from the Kuroishi IC on the Tohoku Expressway, going in the direction of Lake Towada.
◆For visitors utilizing the Konan Bus line
・It takes approximately 30 minutes from the Kuroishi Station on the Nurukawa line (by way of Itadome). Please get off at the “Shiryoukan-mae”stop.


 As the first multi-purpose upper stream dam in Japan, the Aseishigawa Dam was originally built in 1945, and known then as the Okiura Dam.

 It was a low-capacity dam, however, and in response not only to the need for more fresh water, but also an increased demand for flood control, construction plans for a new dam were worked out.

 Surveying for the dam construction implementation plan was begun in 1971. The basic plan was decided on in 1974, as well as the plan’s scale and the project details.

 Full-scale construction was begun in 1977. Construction on the main part of the dam was undertaken in 1979.

 The concrete pouring of the dam was completed in 1986. The next year the gate and the water discharge device were installed, and favorable water levels were achieved in 1988. After this the dam was confirmed to be safe.

 In this way construction of the Aseishigawa Dam was undertaken in 1976, and continued for 18 years at the great total cost of 90.5 billion yen. It was finished in 1988 by mobilizing the latest advances in civil engineering, machinery, and electrical engineering.

The Dam’s roles

  • 1.Provide water for everyday life
  • 2.Provide water for industry
  • 3.Provide water for agriculture
  • 4.Flood control 
  • 5.Water regulation 
  • 6.Electricity generation

Dam Museum

At the Dam Museum visitors can learn about the abundant natural environment of the lake and surrounding forest, the water that the dam produces, and the dam’s structure and inner workings.

◆Opening hours 9:00~16:00
◆Days off / New Year’s holiday (Dec. 29 ~ Jan 3)  Winter period / Saturday, Sunday (Dec. 1 ~ Mar. 31)
◆Admission Price: Free

Aseishigawa Dam Museum  TEL 0172-54-2338