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Dogtooth Violet Path

Location Ikazutiyama, Okiura, Kuroishi
Contact Address Niji-no-ko Park Office
Contact Information 0172-54-2405
Sponsorship Dogtooth Violet Path Association
Public Access Period From the end of Apr. to the beginning of May (the opening period is published as soon as it is announced)
Opening time From 9:00 until approximately 14:00
Entry Fee Mountain entry fee: 500 yen
Access Niji-no-ko Park is approximately 15 minutes by car from the Kuroishi IC. Upon arriving at the Park you must transfer to the free shuttle bus, which will take you up the mountain. Please keep in mind that by bus is the only way to access the dogtooth violet path, and private cars will be denied entry.

About the Dogtooth Violet Flower

 Blooming secretly on a quiet mountain, the approximately 3 hectare area of dogtooth violet flowers was first displayed to the public in 2001, and has been protected since.

 With the understanding and cooperation of the Aseishi district property zone (the owner of the area), 20 volunteers cleared away fallen trees, collected garbage, and spread wood chips to create a path through the dogtooth violets.

 After this the baton was passed to staff of Aoni Onsen, who erected rope barriers, and brought the path to its current condition. The dogtooth violet is called the Spring Q
Dogtooth violets cluster in slightly damp areas, with tubular ellipsoid bulbs 5 ~ 6 centimeters in length, that grow deep underground. Two leaves grow beneath the flower stems, are oblong in shape, and their surfaces are speckled with dark purple flecks. The magenta flower petals are bent sharply backwards, and the flowers have six stamen, with glandular bodies at their bases. On the upper part of the flower there is a dark purple spotted pattern that forms the shape of the letter “W.” (Out of every 10,000 dogtooth violets there is said to be one that is white.)

 The dogtooth violet withers about two months after blooming, and begins its long rest until the beginning of next year’s spring. After germinating, the flower takes seven to eight years to bloom, and so although they grow en masse in the wild, any sudden decrease in their numbers makes it very difficult to restore the population.

< We request your cooperation>
・Cars other than the designated shuttle bus will be unable to enter the mountain or access the flower area.
・Mount Raizan, where the dogtooth violet area is located, is owned by the Aseishi district property zone of Kuroishi.
・The entry fee to the mountain is used to fund maintenance costs.
・Money is not used for management.
・Opening dates and times are dependent on the weather, so please check in advance.
・Guests are prohibited from walking anywhere other than the designated path
・I addition to the flowers, we ask guests to refrain from taking home any type of mountain vegetation or edible wild plants.