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Matsu-no-yu Community Center


Location 33 Nakamachi, Kuroishi, Aomori Prefecture 〒036-0377
TEL 0172-55-6782
FAX 0172-55-6783
URL http://www.city.kuroishi.aomori.jp/
Hours of operation 9:30 ~ 18:00
Entrance Fee Free
Closed Days No closed days during the summer season (Apr. ~ Nov.)
Closed on Mondays in the winter season (Dec. ~ Mar.)
Parking lot Available (approximately 20 cars)
Access Train・Bus
・30 minutes from the JR Hirosaki Station to the Kuroishi Station on the Konan Railway Line
・50 minutes by bus from the JR Hirosaki Station.
・Approximately 10 minutes from the Kuroishi IC on the Tohoku Expressway.
・Approximately 40 minutes from the JR Shin-Aomori Station.
・Approximately 25 minutes from the JR Hirosaki Station.
・Approximately 40 minutes by car from the Aomori Airport

About the Matsu-no-yu Community Center

For a long time “Matsu-no-yu” was a bustling public bathhouse, which, along with its pine tree, was well loved by the people. In those days the bathhouse was a gathering place for the whole community, and was overflowing with information about the town.
 The Matsu-no-yu Community Center is known popularly as “the people’s place,” and is frequently utilized as meeting spot, or as a place to rest at after shopping. Various cultural and artistic things are also presented here.
For visitors, the Center serves not only as a rest area, but also as an information center, and as a facility that allows contact with people and culture from the local area. It is possible to rent out parts of the facilities. For more details on this please check on the Kuroishi City Hall homepage.

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