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Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum

Location Tomiyama 72-1, Kuroishi, Aomori Prefecture
TEL 0172-54-8181
FAX 0172-54-8250
URL http://tsugarukokeshi.com/
Opening time 9:00 ~ 17:00
Admission fee Adults: 320 yen
High school students: 270 yen
Elementary/middle school students: 160 yen
(Admission to the 1st floor is free. The 2nd floor has an admission fee)

Regular Holiday New Year’s Day
Parking lot Available
Access ◆ For guests coming by car:
・It takes about 30 minutes from the Joto exit of Hirosaki Station.
・From Aomori Airport it takes about 45 minutes.
・It takes about 10 minutes from the Kuroishi IC, traveling in the direction of Lake Towada.
◆For guests coming via the Konan Bus:
・From the Kuroishi Station on the Nurukawa-sen Bus (via Itadome) it takes about 25 minutes.

Come enjoy the Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum!

Japan’s Largest Kokeshi Doll: (pictured above left)

Japan’s largest Kokeshi doll was created in December of 2010, to commemorate the opening of Aomori’s Shinkansen Station. It was made using Japanese katsura (Japanese Judas tree) wood, and stands at 4.219 m tall. The Tsugaru Kokeshi Craftsmen Association was in charge of the project, with local businesses and kindergartens/elementary schools collaborating in the doll’s production. The face and shape of the doll were modeled after those pieces created by the late Morihide Tarou, the originator of the Tsugaru Kokeshi.

Kokeshi Face Painting Experience [Cost: 1,500 yen (reservations required)]
After observing various Kokeshi dolls from all over Japan, why not try creating your own? You will be taught by one of Tsugaru’s Kokeshi craftsmen. You will be able to create your own unique Kokeshi doll, that is unlike any other in the world.

Wooden Toy Experience Corner:
In this area you can play with old-fashioned Japanese wooden toys, that are handmade by our craftsmen. Among other things there are tops and kendama toys.