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Nakamachi Komise Street

Location Nakamachi, Kuroishi
Nearby parking areas For large and standard-sized vehicles, please park at the Kuroishi City Hall
Access 10 minutes from the Kuroishi IC by car. A 15 minute walk from the Kuroishi Station on the Konan Railway line.
Tourism The nationally designated important cultural property the Takahashi house

Local Kuroishi sake “Kiku-no-i” and “Tamadare”

Great Four Songwriters Private Archive

Stone monument honoring Japanese songs

Events Neputa lanterns, hung from the middle of July to the end of August.

Komise festival, scheduled to take place on the second Saturday and Sunday of September.

Komise Tourism Volunteer Guides We will show you around the charming Nakamachi Komise Street for free. (We are stationed at waiting stations on every Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday between the end of April and the middle of October.)

Reservations are required for weekdays

Tsugaru Shamisen live performances Live Tsugaru Shamisen performances take place every day between the end of April and the beginning of November at the store “Tsugaru Komise Eki,” on Komise Street.
Engraved stone monument A monument and introduction to Kuroishi’s four great songwriters.

An Introduction to Nakamachi Komise Street

Komise Street was selected as one of Japan’s hundred greatest streets.

It has retained its form as an arcade of traditional structures since roughly the feudal period.
It is said that there are hardly any similar cases in all of Japan.

Nakamachi Komise Street’s main characteristic is the arcade, which was built to protect visitors from both sunlight and blizzards. The fact that this arcade was built with shoppers in mind displays the inherent kindness of the street’s residents.

Furthermore, Komise features places like the Takahashi House, which is designated as a national Important Cultural Property of Japan, and several active sake breweries, allowing one to really feel the charm of the street.